Friday, January 12, 2007

He's Bringing Sexy L.A.

Yesterday it was announced that David Beckham has signed a 5 year contract with MLS’s L.A. Galaxy estimated to be worth $250 million and he will start playing with the Galaxy this August.

Here is what I see as being the funniest part of the story. I am not sure how many of you are familiar with the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, but it is one of the oldest cup tournaments in the country. Basically how the cup works is this: qualifying amateur teams start out in the tournament and as it progresses low level professional teams are filtered into the mix and eventually MLS teams play those teams, both amateur and small professional teams, until there is ultimately a Cup champion.

The beauty of the U.S. Open Cup is that small market teams, such as the Minnesota Thunder, have an opportunity to play larger market MLS teams. Some of you may remember back in 2004 when the Minnesota Thunder beat the L.A. Galaxy in a game held at the Metrodome and then went on to lose to Landon Donavan and the San Jose Earthquakes at the Jimmy (James Griffin Stadium aka Central High Schools football field) in a shootout.

The thought of David Beckham, the most well known athlete on the planet, being forced to play a game in a high school football stadium just kind of makes me chuckle.

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Anonymous said...

Can I just say, as a Californian, that we really do feel like we've been missing something all these years? Sometimes I'm out in a club with other Californians and we are looking good with other good looking people, but still, something is not quite right. I check my Louis Vuitton wristlet: I have my car keys, my mac lip gloss, my new navy Razor - somehow incomplete.

It is such a relief to know what was wrong. With David and Posh in town, we once again have a corner on the market of too-beautiful-to-be-real. This is going to make so many of us sleep more easily at night.

Seriously, I don't know how we lived this long without them.