Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pie-Eyed Poll: Slackin' To Victory '06 Edition

Hear ye, hear ye, the Pie-Eyed Poll on global warming, which has been tallying votes for many moons, is now finished. This exhaustive study is now ranked as one of the definitive scientific tomes on the subject of climate change, and its results will be combed over by climatologists for decades. The journal Nature is, in fact, publishing our findings in its next edition. However, the statistics below represent the first time this information has been disseminated to the public. Our findings:

Question: What is your interpretation of global warming?

Inconvenient Truth - 53% (68 votes)
Convenient Truth - 37% (48 votes)
Outright Lie - 3% (4 votes)
Half-Truths and Fuzzy Science - 7% (9 votes)

I'm still waiting on analysis from Jeff Greenfield - crack statistics guy at CNN - but I'm pretty sure this poll is important in many ways.

And now, the Pie-Eyed Picayune tackles another major question of the day: How much did the Democrats shelac the Republicans in 2006?

Remember, PePpers: Vote early and vote often!

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