Friday, August 04, 2006

Pie-Eyed Poll: Captain Planet Edition

Another week, another Pie-Eyed Poll. I was particularly interested in the result of our last poll, "What's your favorite international crisis?" "Other" garnered nearly as many votes as the top choice "Iraqi quagmire," and almost twice as many votes as "Global warming." (Sorry, GC.) I'm very curious what "Other" international crises folks had in mind. And what about the Kashmiri separatists! The results:
  • Israel-Hezbollah conflict - 9%
  • Iraqi quagmire - 30%
  • Iran's nascent nuclear weapons program - 3%
  • North Korea's saber-rattling - 3%
  • Russia's slide toward authoritarianism - 9%
  • Kashmiri separatists in India - 3%
  • Global warming - 15%
  • Other - 27%

In honor of the showing by global warming, we have an all-environmental poll this week. Remember: vote early, vote often!

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