Thursday, August 31, 2006


I believe you meant Douche Bag.

Here is the definition from

douche  /duʃ/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[doosh] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun, verb, douched, douch‧ing.
1.a jet or current of water, sometimes with a dissolved medicating or cleansing agent, applied to a body part, organ, or cavity for medicinal or hygienic purposes.
2.the application of such a jet. instrument, as a syringe, for administering it.
4.a bath administered by such a jet. –verb (used with object) apply a douche to. –verb (used without object) use a douche or douches; undergo douching.

Cavity, hmmmm. Anyhow, I can't get terribly excited about Rep. Wiener's comments. You are correct in that the State Department does not consider the PLO a terrorist organization. I suppose I am more likely to get excited by such an omission than Rep. Wiener's misstatements of the facts.


Anti-Everything said...

You are correct, in my haste I failed to notice that I spelled the word douche wrong, I have corrected the problem.

And if my memory serves me right the reason the PLO is not on the list is because they broke into two seperate groups, one political group and one militant group. Thus the reason why the PLF is on the terrorist list. Much like what Washington has asked hamas to do.

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

Good point as to the fact that are distinct groups. But in all honesty, how realistic is this. Do you not expect coordination between the two entities. Were there not suicide bombs with the explicit sanction of Arafat?

Anti-Everything said...

I agree with you, but if you look at the current Palestinian Authority President (and PLO member) Mahmoud Abbas there is actually a separation between the militant group and the political group. This was by no means an over night transition, but in regards to this conflict there are never any quick fixes.

I would make the optimistic argument that the same transition is possible for Hamas over a period of time.