Friday, July 21, 2006

Pie-Eyed Poll: War in the Middle East

The results of our latest Pie-Eyed Poll shouldn't surprise me, but I guess they do in some ways. In answering the question of what should be done with North Korea's nukes, the largest response came in favor of multi-lateral regional talks. Fair enough. With 38 votes in, here are the results:
  • Nuke 'em - 5%
  • Defer to UN - 11%
  • Withdraw troops from South Korea - 8%
  • Push for multi-lateral talks - 37%
  • Push for bi-lateral talks - 24%
  • Nothing; wait patiently for Kim Jong Il to die - 16%

I encourage any and all to explain their rationale for voting as they did.

This week, in light of the tragic, muddled, and incredibly dangerous situation transpiring on the Israel-Lebanon border, I thought it would be worth asking our PePpers their thoughts on what should be done in the world's most volatile region. And, as always, vote early and vote often.

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