Monday, July 17, 2006

Mandingo as National Socialist

Some time ago I loosened my grip on power over the Pie-Eyed Picayune - my brainchild - and bestowed administrative privileges to Mandingo (aka Herr Diktator) and his willow-o-wisp Mustache. In some of the necessary changes to the PeP, 'Dingo enabled comment moderation, thus stifling the speech of anyone not affiliated with the PeP. And this, my friends, was how the Reichstag was won. I've reasserted myself in the face of my protege, and taught him a worthy lesson with a fresh switch. Your voices will no longer be muzzled, PePpers. Herr Diktator ist tot.


Mandingo said...

What is "comment moderation"? I don't believe in it. Seriously...I'm not sure what you're talking about. But it sounds like something wholly against my constitution

Anti-Everything said...

I believe he is talking about your idea that all comments must be posted, which makes it impossible for anyone besides the illustrious seven to comment on our blog.

PiedPiper said...

I'm talking about comment moderation, a feature through Blogger that allows the adminstrator to screen out comments made by people not affiliated with the blog. Below the comment box, it used to say "Comment moderation is on; your comment must be approved by the blog administrator," or some such biznass. As a result, we had a backlog of comments made by folks other than ourselves (!) that weren't posted. Last night, I released the comments and turned off comment moderation. It could have been something Mandy turned on unwittingly. Nevertheless, we've all learned an important lesson here. And if you can tell me what that is, you win a prize.