Friday, July 07, 2006

The King of Pop

In the review of a new book analyzing the life and times of the ever interesting Michael Jackson, Andrew O'Hagan recounts some of his more famous nicknames: "the Gloved One, the Baby Dangler, or the Prince of Pop, as he’s still sometimes known." I think it necessary to add "The King of Pop" to that list. After all, as O'Hagan himself notes, Jackson's Thriller "became the biggest-selling album of all time (fifty million sales, plus seven Top Ten singles)." Let it be said that so talented a performer, Michael Jackson, lacked nothing to reign save the Kingdom of Pop.


Anonymous said...

seriously, what is the point of this posting??

A Green Cowboy said...

How different is the world of "pop" now than it was in Michael's heyday (which would have been, what, mid-80s?)?

mjfan said...

He still lacks nothing!