Thursday, July 13, 2006

Go green or go home

Despite what may possibly be the worst cover photo (see right) and headline ("The New Greening of America: From Politics to Lifestyle, Why Saving the Environment is Suddenly Hot"), Newsweek has managed to put together an interesting survey of different ways conservation/environmentalism is changing the way people interact with and react to the environment.

The trap this article tries to avoid, and the trap most similar articles fall into, is that of providing merely anecdotal information, while failing to comprehend or offer a glimpse of the larger picture. Here, we find out that a woman who rides her bike and takes the bus on a 24-mile commute subtracts 15 pounds of potential carbon dioxide pollution from the atmosphere. That, of course, is 15 pounds out of the 1.7 billion tons of carbon produced annually by vehicles in the U.S.

This brings up an interesting question, that the author, Jerry Adler, issues forth toward the end: "Is the relevant statistic that sales of hybrid cars doubled last year to 200,000 - or that they were outsold by SUVs by a ratio of 23-1?"

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Ilya said...

That question answers itself: considerable progress will not be made if we pin our hopes on hybrid cars.

Given the recent greening of the PeP, the newsweek cover came at just the right time.