Tuesday, June 27, 2006

PeP @ 20,000

Primarily as an excuse to re-use this graphic of the pat-yourself-on-the-back machine (which is certifiably stamped with the Pie-Eyed Seal of Approval), I think it fitting to mention the fact that PeP Nation has jettisoned us to more than 20,000 hits! (Remember, it was not too long ago that we sputtered away at 10,000.) Never mind the fact that most of those hits came from the PeP contributors themselves...some of those hits had to come from other people. Right? Right?

(For a nice little recap of some of the PeP's greatest hits...click here.)


xtrachromosomeconservative said...

I was anticipating this day, and came up with something of a workup. I think we have had an increasing number of contributors but if you were to do an average for the year i think it would be five. Then you figure about ten hits per contributor per day ((50 x 365) = 18250 hits) - total number of hits (20,000) = 1750 hits by other people in one year. That means, on average, we get just under 5 hits a day from other people. And this explains why we were stuck around 10,000 hits for awhile. None of us were doing anything with the blog as such, we didn't look at it. I think moving forward, if we can get 10 external hits we will be golden. Almost DailyKos/PowerLine level.

Mandingo said...

And, might I add, a completely improper use of the word "jettisoned". So bad that I hope you were joking. You got a degree in English? Or was it feudal law?

PiedPiper said...

Duly noted.