Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Late-night cliffhanger: Unsolicited Help

As she learned forward towards me I was startled by her tone:
“Why do you have your light on at this hour, have you no love for nature?” she admonished.
I was taken aback, hurt, but ultimately disappointed in myself.

I confessed “I seriously considered turning the light off before I left, but it is so bright and brilliant, as if it were a moon. But this causes me embarrassment to regard something man made as equal to nature’s splendor, and pain when I consider my contribution to nature’s spoilage. I have been considering penance but I am not sure how other Gaea devotees engage in penance”

She was impressed by this display of contrition and his obvious personal devotion to our ecology. His sin was to be forgiven. She pressed her body towards his and brushed her natty dreadlocks away from her face (BTW: the candle is made in Japan and is the byproduct of whale blubber, hypocrite) inviting the Green Cowboy to meet her with his lips. Of a sudden, their moment was destroyed, the candle’s flame made contact with her arm pit hair causing their bodies to be consumed by fire...


PiedPiper said...

Someone call Ashton Kutcher...X just punk'd Green Cowboy! Brilliant and classic!

A Green Cowboy said...
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A Green Cowboy said...

It's funny, because I purposefully tried to avoid writing anything melodramatic, aside from the last sentence. However, in trying to broaden my writing and diversify the way I present topics for discussion, I have been zinged.

Torched, I would say!

However, the torching left me unsatisfied in three regards:

1. Xtra, as far as I know, you are still living within the global ecosystem. If you really wish to ridicule it, perhaps you would be happier to leave it. Feel free to do so.

2. You should have checked to earlier comments: there was no candle, just the candleholder (and I didn't check, but it sure looked like it was made from hemp grown by vegetarian commune-dwelling socialists).

3. You automatically assume she is some type of romantic interest, present in the story only as the requisite accessory to some type of lust. Wrong. She is the point of the story - a true story, I might re-iterate - and will serve to present the entire reason I posted.


Ilya said...

Well, Cowbody, while you were temporizing, you let Xtra complete your story and steal your glory. And now you've turned literary critic to Xtra's creation in a poor attempt to gain back the glory that is due to you.

As Machiavelli said, it is better to act and repent than not act and repent. Xtra not only acted, but passed the role of repentent sinner on to you. Now that's a brilliant zinger!

A Green Cowboy said...

Xtra, I'm happy you got shits and giggles out of it, Ilya as well. I'm ducking out of this game of one-upmanship and getting on with the point of conversation I meant to introduce in the first place.

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

As a matter of fact, I did. I enjoyed myself immensely. Thanks for the Set Up. Zing!