Sunday, May 14, 2006

Two Down...Cheney and Bush To Go

It was reported on Saturday by’s Jason Leopold that in a meeting Friday with Karl Rove’s lawyers lasting 15 hours, Patrick Fitzgerald served the attorneys with an indictment charging Rove with perjury and lying to investigators. It is not known yet if the expected obstruction of justice charge was included in the indictment.

I haven't seen any coverage of this from any of the major newspapers, but hopefully it is true. So when are President Bush and Vice President Cheney going to be getting their indictments?


Ilya said...

Is that a real picture?

Anti-Everything said...

No it isn't, but I wish it was.

-=Topper=- said...

I had read about that in Truth out as well and was hoping for some updates from a paper like New York Times or something. What I did see in the NYT is that the Christian Right Wingnuts are rather peeved at congress.

And in tiny print down in the corner of the front page, 14 deaths related to recent attacks in Iraq.

I guess the Ghestapo has made its way into NYT now, if they hadn't been there before. The machine works over time.

I am so freaking mad at all of this darkness.


Mandingo said...

Anti, still haven't found anything to substantiate these "claims". If this was about Rove why haven't we seen shit about it on the national rags? This whole "" joint has me a little hesitant.

Anti-Everything said...

I am also a little hesitant. But when the Libby thing was going down truth out reported it about a week before the formal announcement. This is a pretty big scandal so anyone can understand why the national press don't want to mention anything about it until there is a formal announcement.

The stories about Cheney being involved that came out in the New York Times this weekend shows that something significant is going on in the investigation, also look at Bush's press conference tonight which was nothing more then him trying to change the subject. Something is happening and hopefully Rove gets indicted soon and throw in an indictment on Cheney while you are at it.