Monday, October 31, 2005

Pie-Eyed Pickle of the Week

Didn't catch the riveting St. Paul mayoral debates on KSTP? That's ok. You saved your retinas from the seering impression of Randy Kelly's fish-outta-water routine. Kelly probed Coleman no fewer than six times about how he would pay for his proposed changes to city government. Never mind the fact that Kelly has no feet, shins, knees, or thighs to stand on with the tax issue. They've gone up more than 20 percent under his watch.

The saddest thing about the debate, however, is that Kelly doesn't stand a chance. Latest poll figures have him trailing Coleman by 33 percent. Coleman's still running ads just to make this whole thing look like an election. (And in case you didn't know, St. Paul and Minneapolis elections are Tuesday, Nov. 8. As the saying goes: vote early, vote often.)

So that's why Randy Kelly is our pre-emptive Pickle of the Week. Let the speculation begin as to what he'll do with his post-mayoral life.

(I'm still sticking with my completely unfounded theory that he'll start batting right-handed with the Republicans and end up challenging Betty McCollum for the House of Reps in 2008. Anybody want to run odds on that?)


Ilya said...

This gives me the opportunity to set the record straight on the "vote early, vote often" saying. The saying belongs to Al Capone, and he meant it quite literally--get up early and vote under many names, the rules be damned. To help Bill Thompson get elected mayor of Chicago in the fall of 1926, Capone contributed $260,000 to Thompson's campaign chest and applied every technique of bribery and terrorism in his behalf. In this situation, he was credited with the slogan "Vote early and vote often." This is documented in John Kobler's "Capone: The Life and World of Al Capone."

Mandingo said...


PiedPiper said...

Damn, I've been shamed. By Mandingo, no less.

Thanks for the correction. I'm just so excited to watch Kelly get fileted.

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

that's low, shamed by MANDINGO.

AZP said...

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