Tuesday, October 25, 2005

And then there were four...wait, three

So we had Wetterling's no-brainer leap into the fracas over Dayton's Senate seat, and now we have Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch injecting himself into the governor's race. In a mere formality of an announcement, Hatch joins State Senator Steve Kelley (DFL-Hopkins), and idiot-turned-political-wannabe Kelly Doran (DFL-Huh?) in the race to beat Teflon Tim. Bud Philbrook, a former leglislator who had been campaigning until Hatch's announcement, dropped out of the race. And then there's the dark horse: State Senator Becky Lourey (DFL-Kerrick, who received attention recently for her cameo in Cindy Sheehan's Sister Act III: Showdown at the Western White House. Knowing our DFL, however, these surely won't be the only candidates when all is said and done.

As of right now, there really is no clear front-runner in the governor's race. Six months ago, I would've said the DFL didn't stand a chance to beat Teflon Tim, but after Minnesota Meltdown (and nearly Minnesota Meltdown Part Deux), Pawlenty is looking beatable. No longer do we hear the drumbeat of national ambitions, and really, no longer do we hear much from the Governor's Office beside some moans over a proposed special legislative session to deal solely with the stadium issues. (Wouldn't that be a great idea for a special session, by the way? Forget education, transporation, health, and so on and so forth. Let's focus on the important things, like making sure our beloved professional football players/philanderers have champagne-filled massage tubs.)

Hatch, of course, has already ran-and-lost-and-ran-and-lost the governor's race in the 1990s. Yet, he presents the most aggressive and most intelligent challenge to Teflon Tim. He is the only DFLer who currently holds a statewide constitutional office. He has far more name recognition than any of the other candidates. And, deep down, he is a populist with the best interests of Minnesota at heart. But he's never won fans in the business community, and as a DFLer, I need to ask myself, can I trust a guy to run against one of the most formidable Minnesota politicians since Rudy Perpich, whose already lost the gambit twice?

Paging Roger Moe, anyone?


Anonymous said...

What do you have against Wetterling? Why is Kelly Doran an "idiot-turned-political-wannabe?"

PiedPiper said...

I don't have anything against Wetterling, other than the fact that I don't think she should be running for national office. Were she running for governor, for example, I think she would made an excellent candidate and would most assuredly hand Pawlenty his pink slip. Wetterling is a marvelous woman who has done some amazing things, but being a good at legislative advocate(particularly a one-issue advocate) does not usually translate into a good legislator. I could be hopelessly wrong, but I just think Klobuchar is the better candidate hands down.

Kelly Doran is a doofus who has way too much money and is shopping around for a political office. Having way too much money is not a bad thing, nor a disqualification for running/holding office. However, having way too much money and NEVER doing anything political is - in my humble opinion - a disqualification. But hey, who am I to tell someone it's idiotic to spend $750,000+ on billboards for a Senate campaign and then switch to the governor's race?

Brady said...

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