Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Gray Lady body checks Dubya

I just love this little cheap shot masquerading as a call to rise above politics in a time of tragedy:
"But this seems like the wrong moment to dwell on fault-finding, or even to point out that it took what may become the worst natural disaster in American history to pry President Bush out of his vacation. All the focus now must be on rescuing the survivors. Beyond that lies a long and painful recovery, which must begin with a national vow to help all the storm victims and to save and repair New Orleans." Classic New York Times.


Ilya said...

At first glance, the bit about prying the President out of his vacation seemed like a cheap shot.

But, upon thinking more about it, I'm sorry that Xtra reads as criticism what was meant only as a description of the President's actions.

Ilya said...

By the way, Bush's Press spokesman, Scott McClellan, made the same call to set politics aside for the sake of helping New Orleans. (Article: here).

"This is a major catastrophe," McClellan told AP earlier. "We are certainly going to do everything from the standpoint of the federal government to make sure the needs are met. This is a time when all Americans need to come together and do all we can to support those in the Gulf state region."