Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Daily Chaos

  • You already know, of course, that Northwest Airlines (and the mechanics' union) are in the Pickle of the Week, but to make matters worse the normally stoic and straightlaced Minnesota Public Radio is running the headline "Northwest prepares for CHAOS." Run for the hills, everybody! It's CHAOS! MPR, however, is using this to describe a scenario called "Creating Havoc Around Our System," in which another Northwest union such as the flight attendants would strike in sympathy with the mechanics' union making for a very messy situation that would essentially ground the airline. The Strib is reporting, however, that NWA made a new offer to the union in their D.C. talks, but nobody's describing it. Dubious, at best.
  • State Senator Becky Lourey, a DFLer from Kerrick, Minn., and former FBI whistleblower (as well as current challenger for Republican John Kline's Congressional seat) Colleen Rowley, will join grieving mother/peace activist Cindy Sheehan at her impromptu camp outside President Bush's ranch. Lourey, who lost a son in the Iraq war when his helicopter was shot down, has been against the war since the beginning and made several attempts to introduce motions condemning the war in the Minnesota Senate. Sheehan, of course, has been derided as a publicity hound by some and hailed as a hero by others. Personally, I think this Crawford vigil is the apex of a tipping point in the war. Had this happened earlier in the conflict, Sheehan would have been called a media harlot, and many (though there certainly are some now) would have vilified her as anti-American. I believe her plight, while it has resulted in a media frenzy, is genuine. Her pain is genuine. And I think if something like this hadn't happened now, something else like it would have. It's representative of the fact that most Americans, though they may not want to admit it openly, question this war, why we're there, how we're going to leave, and how we got there in the first place.
  • Jack Uldrich, the Independence Party candidate for Mark Dayton's U.S. Senate seat, dropped out of the race. This is heart-breaking news for the four members of the Independence Party. Perhaps they'll start a Draft Jesse Ventura campaign.
  • Minnesota high schoolers scored the highest in the nation on the ACT. Now let's all give ourselves a collective pat on the back.
  • Perhaps you've seen the mysterious billboards announcing Nickelback playing at the opening of Myth, a new Twin Cities music club. Perhaps you don't know that it's in Maplewood, sandwiched between a Best Buy, a Matress Giant, and a Pannekoeken restaurant. Some are saying it's promising, despite its location. I think I'd rather go to Club Cancun.

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