Thursday, July 07, 2005

Daily Tragedy

  • Our thoughts are with the victims of the London terrorist bombings and their families. I don't know what else to add to that, other than to point out that MPR just reported the terrorist alert for Minneapolis and St. Paul has not been raised. Phew. (Why are we so damn self-important?)

  • Finally, there's some wheeling and dealing going on at the state capitol. There's so many options and packages, in fact, that I'm truly pie-eyed. Teflon Tim wants a vote on the racino proposal, and if that happens, he'll support the DFL position on the health and human services bill (which, might I add, has been pared down significantly, but no one would be cut from MinnesotaCare...I think). The cigarette "fee" is still on the table and will most likely be included in any final deal. The DFL has made no mention of the an income tax on the state's highest earners since before the shutdown began, and I think that'll be a proposal for another day (considering there is one). The education bill sounds pretty buttoned up. I don't know, folks. You best stay tuned.
  • In other Minnesota Meltdown news: This girl is pissed.
  • I don't know what's in the water in Gilbert, Minn., but whoever thought Whorehouse Days was a good idea should start selling what he's smoking.
  • The Strib reports that Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar and children's activist Patty Wetterling are raking in the dollar bills (ya'll!) as they progress toward the showdown over Dayton's Senate seat. My two favorite parts of this race: Uber-weathy real-estate developer Kelly Doran just wrote a $250,000 check to himself and independent candidate Jack Uldrich has raised an impressive $2,500 with plans to run a bare-bones campaign that revolves around a Web site. Time to hop onto the PeP train, Jack.
  • Synergy! Amy Klobuchar has a column in today's Strib discussing the vacancy on the Supreme Court and what makes a good justice. At least, she's more articulate than Kersten and Coleman combined.
  • With all the Live 8 and G-8 news, PiPress columnist Ed Lotterman wrote a very good piece about putting the plight of impoverished Africans in an historical and economical context, much of which comprised of Western nations pouring money into the hands of dictators in the name of stability.
  • Lindsay Lohan was allegedly carded at Escape Ultra Lounge, but that's not the real story here. The real story is how pissed off CJ is getting that Lindsay won't talk to her. They're also looking for extras in the "PHC" movie for tomorrow. Oooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!

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