Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Daily Detail

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Archduke F. F. said...

So, Soucheray is really smart, right? Because he can end his article with some sort of crazy run-on sentence that accomplishes nothing?

I don't know if there's a coherent argument in his article. Let's try to make a syllogism:

State education spending is out of control and nobody knows what people are spending the money on.
We spend money allowing high school students to take college classes.
Gifted classes also get money.

No, I'm probably not cutting little Joey enough slack, but he doesn't really deserve it. First of all, he seems to be conflating "gifted" classes with college classes. And this conflation occurs because he believes that high school kids should choose gifted classes over free college. Wait, but didn't we stop having gifted classes in, like, 6th grade? That's what gifted classes are, aren't they? The little room where you write short stories and let your intelligence ooze with your peers? Honors classes in high school aren't in addition to regular classes, but in place of them. Maybe I'm just not understanding him.

Secondly, Minnesota's Post-Secondary Enrollment Option is one of the best parts of its educational system. It allows intelligent students to get a head start on college. It's not about being prepared, as Soucheray says, it's about matriculating at University as a sophomore rather than as a freshman. In addition, it allows the college student to get into the workforce sooner and start contributing tax dollars into the general coffers with their sweet, 26K/year job at CH Robinson Worldwide Marketing.