Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pie-Eyed Pickle of the Week

Ode to Teflon Tim: Limericks

There once was a man named Tim
And my his hair was so prim
He pleaded and plotted
His ties they were dotted
And toTim, gov'ment was on the rim.

No new taxes, said this Teflon man Tim
Though the budget situation looked grim
"This is completely unacceptable;
I find public money contemptible"
So as you can see Teflon Tim was quite dim.

The state still needs money, surmised Teflon Tim
And from the smokers he could certainly skim
A dollar a pack
Don't call it a tax
Or Teflon Tim will break precious limbs.

And the tribes certainly owe us, said Teflon Tim
Though an historical study proves this notion slim
"A casino we'll build!
All will be gild!"
But Teflon Tim knew this was just a sad whim.

So we must shutdown, said Teflon Tim
Until the gov'ment is rightfully trim
Leadership will trickle
And he's now in a Pickle
But there are no worries when you're Teflon Tim.


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