Monday, June 27, 2005

Daily Tidings

  • This is the week, folks. Minnesota Meltdown 2005 officially begins at midnight Friday morning should no deal be reached in the next few days. What are our lawmakers doing to avert the partial government shutdown that would cause some 16,000 layoffs, close state parks and highway rest areas during their busiest time of year, wreakhavoc among essential nonprofit community services, among other unforunate circumstances? Well, Teflon Tim has his bags packed and the jet fueled for Camp Ripley, a military training camp near Brainerd. His plan? Hijack DFLers Dean Johnson and Matt Entenza, then submit them to Racino Water Torture until they cave. Luckily, Johnson held his ground and they will continue negotiations at the Capitol.
  • Speaking of torture, the Minneapolis-based Center for the Victims of Torture, marked its 20th anniversary by coming out of the political closet and speaking out against U.S. prisoner abuse.
  • Back to Minnesota Meltdown 2005 for a sec...the GOP House members (who have nothing better to do with their time, apparently) have taken to panhandling outside Senate Majority Leader Johnson's office. And they're liveblogging it! Those GOPers; so tech-savvy.
  • Norm Coleman + New York Times = Yet another apocalyptic indicator
  • Bill Frist was in town Sunday campaigning for Mark Kennedy's run at Dayton's open Senate seat. There is absolutely nothing witty or sarcastic to say about that.
  • Wait, wait...more Minnesota Meltdown coverage! Due to Pawlenty's VETO of the bipartisan transportation bill, Metro Transit will be forced to cut routes if the shutdown comes to fruition. I'm sure David Strom and his buddies in the Taxpayer's League will offer carpools to those stranded.

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