Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sullivan Wrong on Part of Obama Tax Plan

From the AP:

"The IRS would send prefilled tax forms to 40 million workers who take the standard deduction and have a bank account. They would simply have to sign and return it, which Obama estimates would save more than $2 billion in tax preparer fees, 200 million hours of work and "an incalculable amount of headache and heartburn."

Andrew Sullivan's blog title reads- "Obama's Tax Pander." The first line of his post reads- "He'll get the government to do your taxes for you!" I don't think this is all that controversial. A lot of Americans don't itemize because they have nothing to deduct. The government has already witheld their taxes and computed the liability. The reason why one might oppose such a policy is that you don't want people completely detached from the effects of fiscal policy. That said, this doesn't seem all that controversial to me.

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