Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pie-Eyed Party: Celebrate Mandingo's Imminent Demise TONIGHT!

As a result of Mandingo and His Queen's impending Trail of Tears out to our nation's capitol, the Pie-Eyed Network is cordially invited to a celebration in their honor tonight at the one, the only Sweeney's Saloon and the Dale Street Wine Bar. (Because of Mandingo's creeping middle age, and thus his maturing taste, he will be drowning in Zinfandel at the wine bar while the rest of us who remain young and fun will be enjoying pitchers with Her Queenship in the bar.)

Good times assured; better times optional.

Also, let's hear three Pie-Eyed cheers to Mandingo and His Queen as they embark on this Fantastic Voyage...Coolio-style.


AZP said...

El Mandingo es el cocinero que tiene escondido en La Mareta zETApé, ese hijo de puta mamón liberticida ferroviario presidente por accidente.
Coño, invadid de una puta vez Cuba y de paso La Mareta y llevaros al Hijoputa de zETApé igual él os dice dónde se esconde Ben Laden.

PiedPiper said...