Wednesday, July 12, 2006

G. Cow Apparently missed the Memo, err...Diktat.

As I commanded earlier, comments on posts should be created, instead, as regular posts. But, since your comments were rather short, I'll let it slip for now. And, kind of on topic, I think I'm the Jurgen Klinsmann of this blog while Pied is more like Bruce Arena.

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A Green Cowboy said...

What, are you sitting there in your tiny apartment sweltering in the heat in a pair of grayish fruit of the looms, clicking "refresh" on your computer every 10 seconds?


Yeah, I figured my comments were short and narrow enough to not merit a separate post.

Like this one.

Plus, all the good graphics have already been googled in this one-day frenzy of posting.

Actually, I think you and Pied are more like the...the...______ of this blog. Give me a figure from literature who madly waved his scepter over his unresponsive kingdom of about half a dozen people. Yeah. That's you guys.