Monday, July 17, 2006

The ever pedantic Ilya has chosen the sword. Short riposte.

I've tried over the past couple weeks to introduce a regularly occuring post about phrases/idioms/whatevers that I came across through tv, radio, casual convo, etc. When I sat down with the Board of Trustees and created the mission statement for the "Phraseology" post we didn't spell out a particular need to "attempt to justify [any] beliefs about language"
This whole Phraseology bit isn't supposed to be a deconstruction of the English language. I'm no Safire or, God forbid, Derrida. I'll be out of town on Friday, so I encourage you to pick up the gauntlet and make it your own.

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Ilya said...

Are you talking to me? While you're searching for a place to live, I'll cover your ass on the blog.

Maybe you should also try over the next few weeks to learn how to align the text of your postings with the picture. Tip: after inserting a picture, delete the extra return.