Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Should we try something here? Since our vast readership is mostly on vacation, or a several month long smoke break, our readership consists of six reeeeeeaaaaallly unique people. Perhaps it's a good time to experiment.

Over the past few months (particulary since G. Cow came on) the comments section of the blog has actually been far better than the posts. Like, the guts and the discussion were far more compelling to read, and sometimes react to, than the topic that was brought up. How about we turn the blog inside out? At least for the rest of this week or something. It might help to make the thing more interesting. One pretty close example was GreCo's serial novela "The Late-night Cliffhanger" where he started it and then Il and Xtra grabbed hold and ran with it. Instant Classics--at least by this blog's standards (which have fallen abysmally low since I went from last year's internet lizard to a blog cowboy. sorry if that doesn't make sense). So, what do you say?

For the rest of the week, at any point where you would have posted a reaction in the comments section, just make it a post instead. It'll shorten the posts, make them imminently more readable, and concentrate our blog around "themes", rather than disparate pieces. Cool?


xtrachromosomeconservative said...


A Green Cowboy said...

Hm - I was referred to both as "G.Cow" and "GreCo." Interesting. What else you got?

Anonymous said...

that is an okay idea, but here's another one: if you write interesting articles, instead of long, drawn-out, "look at how smart i am" missives, then you might attract more readers other than the 6 people who write for the blog. we get it- you guys are all intellectuals. now move on. Also, why do comments have to be approved by blog authors??