Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bring Me His Balls on a Platter.

I can't say that I'm terribly surprised by the Zidane Headbutt dust-up. Zidane's family is now getting into the fray employing the classic defense of unsubstantiated accusation. They've gone far enough to say that Zidane was protecting his family's honor--allegedly the point of Materazzi's verbal grapeshot. Anyway, the Daily Mirror caught up to Zidane's ailing mother for an interview. Here's just one excerpt:

"“I am utterly disgusted by what I have heard. I praise my son for defending his family’s honour. No one should be subjected to such foul insults on or off the football pitch and I don’t care if it was a World Cup Final. I have nothing but contempt for Materazzi and, if what he said is true, then I want his balls on a platter." [UK Mirror via Deadspin]

Here's a hilarious montage of edited video-clips from the Headbutting. Gotta love the Mortal Kombat touch. [youtube]

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