Thursday, June 08, 2006

What's Up with the Pioneer Press? and Tom Powers?

I won't recap the death rattle of the Pioneer Press heard far beyond the Mississippi. But I will comment, oh so briefly, on the travesty that is Tom Powers' opinion on soccer and the impending World Cup. TP came out with with a vitriolic attack on soccer that carried undertones of racism. Check this little number:

"If the government really is serious about identifying illegal immigrants, it soon will be provided a unique opportunity to record their whereabouts. All the Department of Homeland Security has to do is monitor the city-by-city television ratings of this month's World Cup soccer tournament. Agents should be dispatched to any area in which the ratings reflect an unnaturally high level of interest. That likely signals a concentrated pocket of illegals."

Regardless of the fact that he's patently incorrect (with the majority of soccer players and enthusiasts in the U.S. being white, suburbanites) it's inflammatory journalism with little point. Check out the full article here.

ps Any thoughts on the sexual orientation of "Goleo VI", the World Cup 2006 mascot?


-=Topper=- said...

Well ya know a Lion with a mane is usually a male, but yet that doesn't mean anything, but if he wants to marry a pink cross dressing Zebra, hey if it floats, sail it.

Now onto that conservative of Papers, the ol'e Pioneer Press. I wasn't so aware of it being thus accept within the last few years. And I work at Kowalski's on Grand so yea I get to see them. I like to compare cover stories. It seems to me that the Pioneer Press will let the Trib break the story so then they can give it the positive Spin. Like Huricane Katrina had positive spin.

That is a start, but then there is this stupid unjustified war. The Trib will at least donate some cover to it, on the cover.

The Pioneer runs stories about the war on page 16. Of course the story of Al-Zarqawi was front page, with the Iraqi police being excited and triamphant about all that. Where was Haditha? Page 16.

Maybe I should rename Toppers-Tap, "Page 16". Oh man.


A Green Cowboy said...

"Unnaturally high interest?" Given that this sport garners more interest in every other corner of the globe than basketball, football, or ice hockey - what is so unnatural about interest in soccer? Powers, you tool.

PiedPiper said...

I'd say there's something "unnatural" about Goleo, though...wouldn't you? He (she, it) reminds me of a strapping young Irish-American lad I once knew. He was a heck of a keeper down in Ames, Iowa, and if memory serves me correct he had the throwingest arm on the whole Junior Varsity football team. Go Ames High!