Friday, June 09, 2006

The Week in Review

Well, folks...another week is over and hopefully a new day is dawning. I'm snowed in here at the desk by a blizzard of dandruff, whipped into a frenzy by a nearby fan. Let's take a second to ponder this week's somewhat meager output, and the continued absence of Archduke and Anti. Okay...let's move on.

  • As usual, Ilya fires off a well-sourced missive. This time about Global Warming, Al Gore, and apocalyptic fearmongers. Proto-typical.
  • Xtra travels to the Heart of Darkness, errr....communist Vietnam. The horror! The horror!
  • Ben Kessler is still getting it in the ass from his admirers.
  • We welcome another contributor to the ever growing firing squad, Green Cowboy. Yes, the Bearded Matriarch was referenced at least once in his inaugural post.
  • Tom Powers, the unlettered lout from the Pioneer Press (Terry Schiavo, JP II) missteps in his opinions on the World Cup.
  • Mandingo attempts to bring a new feature to the blog, Phraseology.

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