Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Observed: Colgate Toothpaste

Just a few groceries to pick up yesterday, and a tube of toothpaste was included on the list. Not enough groceries, even, to warrant a cart. Down the personal grooming aisle on the right-hand side (towards the checkout lines) I saw what really looked like a wall of cardboard Colgate. So, being the freakshow that I am, I set down my groceries and wrote down every type of Colgate toothpaste I saw. Here goes:

Colgate Total Whitening (in clean mint, mint stripe, and advanced fresh flavors)
Colgate Max Fresh (cool, clean mint, and cinnamint)
Colgate Luminous (crystal clean, and paradise fresh )
Colgate Sparkling White (vanilla mint, and cinnamon spice)
Colgate Tartar Control Whitening (crisp mint, cool mint)
Colgate with baking soda and Peroxide, and oxygen bubbles (fresh mint, and brisk mint)
Colgate Cavity Protection
Colgate Fresh Confidence

So that's sixteen different flavors of Colgate, all but three of these are mint, and frankly I can't tell the difference between any of them. If you include Crest, Aquafresh, and several others, it's probably something close to 50 different choices for a chunk of paste we put on the end of a stick. Most of us would be hard pressed to differentiate between any of these flavors, yet they're offered at different prices. I believe this is what they call 1st degree price discrimination--as opposed to, say, second degree or third degree.


xtrachromosomeconservative said...

John's ignorance of what makes mintfresh toothpaste and tartar control toothpaste different does not surprise me. His breath smells like baby puke wrapped in a big turd.

A Green Cowboy said...

Jumping cats. Vicious.

Ilya said...

So is "Observed" going to be another recurrent project?

Mandingo said...

No. I don't think so.