Friday, May 05, 2006

Porter's Goss is Now Cooked

Strikes and gutters with our boy, Porter. If he were a bowling score he'd be a 125 with four open frames. Only two years into his post as head of the CIA, Goss resigned to the shock and awe of those inside the Beltway. We've got a roundup of opinion on the resignation, some serious and some not so. Frankly, I'd like to see Palmer Joss from Contact get the nod.

  • The Grey Lady farts into the wind [NYT]
  • Sploid's farcical send up of "a fallen criminal" [sploid]
  • The boys over at the Super Fun Power Hour blog fire up the rumor mill. Could Negroponte be in? [SPFH]
  • Thomas Joscelyn also beats the Negroponte drum. [TJ]

1 comment:

PiedPiper said...

Remember when Negroponte got confirmed as Whatever His Title Is, and there was all that hullabaloo about who was going to tell the president what info? The defunct 9/11 Commission called in the 9/11 families to browbeat Congress, the Prez, and anyone else they could get there hands on. And then, the issue got dropped. Until now...hmmmm. Shouldn't Negroponte be head of the CIA anyway? What's the use of having two intel czars?