Thursday, May 11, 2006

Good show, I say.

One of our members has written a nicely timed critique of the City Page's article on St. Thomas' Marital Problems. It's one of the most well written and even handed accounts of the whole matter. And it comes from the POV of an insider, no less.
If we can't take over the blogosphere, and surely we can't, we'll revert back to the old printed form. Well done, boyo, Well DONE. Peep this [citypages]


PiedPiper said...

Much thanks for the praise, Mandi. I was going to post about it myself, but you beat me to the punch. Hey, poor one out for me at Stump's place tomorrow night.

PiedPiper said...

...and excellent choice of file art. Brilliant, my man. Brilliant!

Stupid said...

I love your site and I want to make link exchange.
I already added a link to your site from

Mandingo said...

Pied, is "stupid" of Der Stausberger pedigree? I've never seen this chap before. Good to know there are people beside me who tune in to the PEP and masturbate into the toilet.