Thursday, May 18, 2006

Amy, Get Your Gun

Found this one while crawling on my knees through the Strib yesterday, but leave it up to the Republicans to start slinging shit wherever it might stick. Amy's Record, is a juvenile (and I really mean juvenile here, people), Republican endorsed attack site that purports itself to be "your source for information and breaking news about Amy Klobuchar’s record and agenda." ?Ummm....Escuchame? MnPublius (one of our favorite new sites) has also got the rapsheet on this monstrosity, plus a quicktime video to go along with it.
Our dear readers know that we generally don't veer into the realm of ad hominem attack when engaging in debate, although I've been known to goad other bloggers into an Iron Duel or two...such as the Powerline fiasco several months back. So don't expect us to change our name to the Kennedy Kross Burning Klansmen anytime soon.
If nothing else, I beg of you, go check these sites out just for the sheer inanity, and 7th grade sandlot insults. We'll try to provide you with some more updates as we deem relevant. Anyway, if you want to peep this cottage industry of smear sites I point you in the following directions:

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