Friday, February 03, 2006

Save the Loppet, Marley, and Mexican Workers...all in one week.

We're having a hard time coming up with a reasonable recap of the week that was, so we'll just bring you some snippets of good things to come as global warming endangers our last remaining polar ice caps.

  • Will The Teal Machine, against all odds, save The Loppet from a second year of complete and utter failure? [Strib]
  • Dr. Evil's son spotted at Bellanotte! [Strib]
  • Ames High girls basketball is back in the CIML race after edging Valley [amestrib]
  • Bob Marley remembered at The Cabooze this weekend. [citypages]
  • Wetterling, err.....The Loch Ness Monster, has decided to run for Congress in the 6th Congressional District. No comment at this time. [pipress]
  • Cheap Mexican workers will now throw your bags carelessly into the belly of Northwest airplanes. [pipress]

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