Monday, January 30, 2006

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Holly Drinkwine

Justin Bouen

I was dusting the internets today like a meth-addled housewife, and underneath the old oaken coffee table I found two former classmates working the local political scene. No doubt each is underpaid, overworked, and completely disrespected by anyone with authority but we'll at least give them a shoutout.

Drinkwine, although her name suggests otherwise, is an avowed tea-totaler. The City Hall Scoop found that she currently scrubs toilets in the campaign office with a toothbrush "was helping to organize the recent conference on fighting methamphetamine use in the area." Jealous? No. Proud...absolutely.

Buoen, now fully aware that he's arrived in the world of politics, "was spotted holding the coat [...] of Amy Klobuchar as she marched in the MLK parade." That picture of Beuon looks like it might have been taken in the leaning, water-soaked basement of a house on Dayton--big kegger, no women. We like Bouen. He's a smart and quiet guy, and we hope to hold his coat someday.

Now that each has received some mention in The City Hall Scoop as if they were small-time celebrities, it makes me twinge with resentment because the only reason I'm interested in politics in the first place is fame and kickbacks. So far I've paid almost $20,000 to the Humphrey Institute and I all have to show for it is one measly Google hit. No fame. No kickbacks. I don't even have a picture yet. Damn you, Beoun and Drinkwine...Damn you!

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