Sunday, November 06, 2005

Why Vote?

As if you need one more reason to abstain from Tuesday's elections, we've been informed by our favorite freakalicious economists Leavitt and Dubner that voting is economically irrational. Well, shit. Anyway, we say opportunity costs be damned.
  • Leavitt and Dubner believe the answer to higher voter turnout is Switzerland. Of course it is. [NYT]
  • More from the authors at their website. Their website, by the way, strikes us as a bizarre example of meta-marketing and self-aggrandizement. [freakonomics]
  • The EconEdLink provides an excellent overview and speaks of incentives. [EconEdLink]
  • Gary North spills his heart on why he votes (occasionally) and provides a link to his book Mises on Money. [lewrockwell]
  • P.S. Babcock writes about it in his blog, along with a short exposition on Iraq. [askedgeworth]
  • And then someone named Professor Bainbridge implores us to stop the obstruction, support Alito, and go vote. [probra]


archduke f. f. said...

So, according to The Freaks, you only really vote b/c of social pressure. But according to The Cock, you vote to be part of something bigger.

I vote on account of the third reason: The sweet, sweet "I Voted" stickers in order to put them on surfaces that shouldn't have stickers on them.

PiedPiper said...

I vote so that I can, you know, prove how much better I am than all those non-voters. When people look at my sticker and say, "Huh, you voted?" I can say, "Yeah, I voted. And because you didn't I get to take all your tax dollars and do whatever I want with them and you can't say a damn thing about it." Bwahahahaha!

Of course, that strategy usually works a lot better when the people you vote for actually get into office...

Ilya said...

Yeah, obviously, Mandingo, you didn't read the entirety of Leavitt and Dubner's analysis, as did the archduke. Sweden is not the "answer" to anything, it's illustrative of the social reasons for voting.

Mandingo said...

Apparently, Ilya, you didn't read the article at all. It's Switzerland, not Sweden. Out with the nit-picking.