Monday, November 21, 2005

Maureen Dowd, fabulous, phones it in

She has a new book out: Are Men Necessary?:When Sexes Collide. She's on a whirlwind book tour. I have not as yet read one favorable review, but the book is selling like m$&*a f---ing hot cakes. This morning, on MPR, Dowd, in Los Angeles, phoned in her interview. Mandingo--tell me that's not something important.

Does the book provide the opportunity for women to challenge dominant conceptions of femininity? Most assuredly not. Does it specify the relationship between males and females today? Yes, it would seem so. Now, most women consider themselves feminist, but reject the label, with its connotations of unshaved legs, pants, and anti-male sentiment. Times have changed. Today, many women strive to marry, stay home, be sexy, and exert power by virtue of sartorial elegance, like the femme fatale on the cover, who instantly reduces men to mush and clouds their thinking. And why not? And what do women look for in men? Well, that has never been very tangible. For men who are much poorer than women, sorry, but you still have no chance. For women not only do not mind being patronized, but rather like and want to be so, Dowd says. These days, not letting the woman pay for dinner, or attempt to, is the sine qua non of successful dating. Though it might be easier to buy women, as commodities, they are still quite expensive, the de luxe articles in the store of life, especially those untouchable New York City women, like Dowd herself.

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