Monday, November 07, 2005

Endorsement Mania: For What it's Worth

Today, on the hallowed eve of our local elections, The Minnesota Daily implored uninterested college students to vote for Cam Gordon in Ward 2, Aaron Neumann in Ward 3, The Teal Machine for Minneapolis mayor, and Chris Coleman for St. Paul mayor. As stated earlier, we aren't into endorsements but we'll offer predictions.
  • In Ward 2, Letofsky, with endorsements from almost every group under the DFL umbrella, seems like the tentative favorite. Her husband, Jim Davnie, represents district 62A in the Minnesota House and our first-hand observation of his political clout leads us to believe he might be the X factor in this tilt. Either way, Letofsky or Gordon should prove to be a welcomed departure from the acrimonious relationship between U of MN students and the apathetic Zerby.
  • Ward 3 is a lock for Diane Hofstede. She counts an omnibus of union support and the DFL on her side. Neumann on the other hand is a less than serious contender from the Green Party. Avalanche warning.
  • The Teal Machine takes this election to the hizzouse by a ten point margin.
  • We fully expect Chris Coleman to string Kelly up by his own urine drenched jockstrap.

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