Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Vikings' Cirque du Soleil roundup:

  • Tice remains smoot, er...mute about the whole thing. [strib]
  • Nick Coleman calls the Vikings, "Purple People Pee-ers". It's a functional moniker. [strib]
  • Fellow drunkards, Deadspin, insist on making premature ejaculation jokes. cough. [deadspin]
  • Souhan makes the obvious references to Gilligan's Island. [strib]
  • Used condoms, handy wipes (!?), and women lying around the boat. [pipress]

1 comment:

PiedPiper said...

BTW - No mention of the Anoka County Snowmobilers Association's boycott of the proposed Vikes stadium? And you call yourself a blogger...