Friday, October 14, 2005

Students of Ames Senior High

Students of Ames Senior High
Proud of Our school are We.
Cheering the Orange and the Black
On to the Victory.
Rah! Rah! Rah!

Honest in Work and in Play
Loyal and true are We
Doing the best for Our high school
Ames High, Aims High!

Nothing quite brings tears to my eyes like the "Ames High Rouser" charging through the cold brush of Autumn. Where were you when the 1997 Ames High School sophomore football team went 9-0 to claim a 10th consecutive CIML championship? Do you believe in Miracles? Of course not, because our championship wasn't a was Destiny. The indomitable Dale Tramp and Jim Duea, after 28 years of inspired coaching, still roam the sidelines and bark in the ears of their trembling soldiers on the field of immortal glory. Coach Tramp, I challenge Devon Wetzel for strong side Defensive End in The Slaughterbox. McConnor! Wetzels!...get in the Slaughterbox! Footfires....Ready....Hit!

Flash forward to the present. Varsity football this time. #1 Valley rolls into town high on a 6-0 record to clash with the #5 Little Cyclones led by Nathan Greving and Austen Arnaud. The Ames Tribune calls it a "Battle of the Titans" and I wish you all could see the largest marching band in the state wend it's way down the promenade into Ames High stadium. The drum corps alone could dislocate your neck. Schmaltz and legendary former coach Kirk Daddow have the call on KASI 1430. This is Cyclone Country: You. Beware.
"Battle of the Titans" [amestrib]
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