Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Release the Hounds: Minneapolis Politics Edition

The sun's out, Ken Barlow said it could get above 50 today, and I'm here in the board room with a piece of one-ply stuck to my chin. Huh? You don't understand? Neither do I, but for God's sake we've got three weeks until November 8th (Election Day, for those of you in the know) and by all accounts this bitch could be a Category 7 on the Saffir-Simpson scale. All 13 City Council seats are up for election, McLaughlin's in a neck-and-neck with the Teal Machine, and I have a flaming in-grown hair on my elbow that I can't seem to remove. For the next three weeks Minneapolitans will be so saturated with arcane city politics it'll be hard to ignore, but press on dear readers, we'll provide you with primers and updates so you can enter the deserted, fly-blown polling places with a measure of dignity.

  • A group called, BoB (we think that stands for "Getting to the Bottom of the Ballot") hosts a "Candidate Fair" down at DeLaSalle High School this evening from 7-9 pm[gBoB]
  • The newly botoxed Star Tribune handicaps City Council elections. Wards 1-5 [strib]; and Wards 10-13 [strib]
  • Our least articulate Humphrey Institute pseudo-graduate, and Ward 2 DFL candidate, Cara Letofsky has a homepage. [votecara]
  • But so does Star Tribune endorsed Ward 2 Green Party candidate, Cam Gordon. Burn! [camgordon]

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