Friday, October 21, 2005

It's like we've already seen the movie: North Country

It's oppressively dreary outside and my cup of tea is whistling on the stove top. I've buttoned up my long-sleeve chamois and thrown on the slippers. Anyone want to catch a matinee up at Mann Theatre this afternoon at 1:10? By all accounts North Country offers a decent depiction of life on the Range. For your edification, we've included a bunch of reviews so you can watch the movie on the computer screen without paying $8 in a theatre.
  • Roger Ebert, really the only credible critic these days, loves Charlize and argues Frances McDormand (Fargo) is the movie's foundation. [chi-sun]
  • But TV Guide thinks it's just a bunch of wasted performances [TV Guide]
  • Except the Dallas Observer, says Theron and the supporting cast lend dramatic reach and human scale. [dal-obs]
  • Touche! This mid-budget waste of time is nothing more than a TV movie fantasy glazed with soap-opera theatrics. [rollingstone]
  • Manohla Dargis, the rich man's Dara Moskowitz, feels the movie disintegrates into "wet newspaper". Funny, Dargis, that you bring up wet newspaper. [NYT]
  • David Rooney, tells us everyone else to stop drinking the haterade. Or he'll cut you, bitches. [Variety]
  • And of course, our local dispatches are all agog over the attention, sexual or otherwise, Minnesota is receiving with this film. Even the misanthropes at the increasingly irrelevant City Pages find something to cheer about. Yay! [strib]; [pi-press]; [citypages]

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archduke f. f. said...

Sweet bit of reporting, Mani. When I was last in Duluth the town was all agog for North Country, with news reports and everything. Duluth currently has a fever, and the only prescription is more North Country.