Thursday, October 27, 2005

If You Thought Lad Mags Were Yesterday's Paper, You Haven't Been to Canada, eh

Lad Mags ain't on life support just yet, children. Canada's apparently unironic Toro, that we feel is suspiciously named after America's premier lawncare company based in Bloomington, MN, reconfirms the PeP's long-held belief--Canada is the death of the party.

  • This issue's cover man (?!)...Steve Nash, and of course the requisite report on "fight school for hockey pros". Okay, don't say we didn't warn you. [toro]
  • If you get drunk and watch afternoon poker on ESPN, try reading JAQK, "the first men's luxury lifestyle magazine that identifies and speaks to the "No Risk, No Reward mindset of today's young, affluent man." Err...have you seen the lonely wraiths who occupy the $5 buy-in tables at Prairie Meadows? To partially quote Wolf Blitzer, "So poor, so white". [JAQK].
  • Details (for the closeted gay-set) which we're fully guilty of copping before a red-eye out of Dulles some months back. [Details]
  • Or Nuts and Zoo from the British. You figure it out. [Nuts]; [Zoo]

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