Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Average Joe II is Upon Us, Hastings, World Domination

            • The Pioneer Press brings back their wildly popular (?) contest that pits aspiring columnist versus aspiring columnist. The prize? We're a little unsure, but it might be a part-time sports column for the struggling paper. The round of 16 starts this week. We're picking Nicole over Kyle and Danny over the SNL stealing Kevin. [PiPress]
            • We are still absolutely clueless regarding the murders down in Hastings. From all accounts the shootings were deliberative and "without passion" (a legal turn of phrase). [PiPress]
            • If we had the motivation, the PeP would start with Powerlineblog in its quest for world domination. Awhile back, last year to be exact, the authors came to the Humphrey Institute to speak and were rightly spanked in debates on a myriad of issues by students and faculty alike.

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