Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Sounds of Now

  • Not tough to say. First, I'm moving away (at least for the time being) from appropriation and more towards authenticity...That is to say of my posting. I'm something like 75% prone on my down laden feather bed chirping slowly in time to a playlist ("ChillUp", don't ask) I put together on August 31st, 3005 torn under the influence. Outkast, Aquemini, "Aquemini" it is, another black experience among many on my 20 song elevator. J. Boogie, Roots Manuva, two by the Brazilian Girls (all white; check them out on the 23rd! I beg!); Talib Kweli twice, MMW without doubt, Bob Marley, Jr. Gong, Lee Perry, MF Doom, to name some.
  • Oh, and I'm entering in notes from Amartya Sen's Development as Freedom. Mr. Sen, bordering on sublime obfuscation, (only the stuff Ill can appreciate) talks about important stuff like "The Perspective of Freedom" (Chapter 3); "The Ends and Means of Development" (chapter 2); and this gem, "Freedom and the Foundations of Justice" (chapter 4). Hey, he got a Nobel Prize for this shit.
  • I never listen to music when I'm doing homework. My brain barely functions on one channel (or perhaps it functions on like two hundred at once...same thing). This is your back up quarterback saying, "Seward Neighborhood, we have a problem."

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