Monday, September 12, 2005

Looking Ahead: North Mississippi All Stars, Beck, Brazilian Girls

  • 9/15: The Cabooze makes space between rock tribute bands to host the down funk purveyors of deep fried blues, the North Mississippi All Stars. Stew on the dance floor with eraserheads and aficionados alike. Oh, and you can take the light rail to the Hiawatha stop. $16 bucks at the door.
  • 9/19: Listen to your favorite closet scientologist commodify the loser ethos at the Wilkins. Beck liberates thetans and war in what's sure to be a nice mash-up.
  • 9/23: Pussy and Marijuana from the Brazilian Girls. They emerge from the Gotham jungle to promote their eponymous debut album. We'll definitely be at the show and maybe even take some pictures. The Varsity holds court.

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