Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It smells like burnt popcorn in Seward and the people are pissed

  • I biked over to Matthews Park Center (nice park and playground by the way) to attend my first Seward Neighborhood Group Meeting. Breezing through a few not-so-pressing matters, such as an industrial overlay for Jeff Sommers and Lara Hammel (the owners of Izzy's Ice Cream) to create a mixed use space in a four story, vacant, light industrial warehouse on 25th Avenue. No, people, Izzy's ain't coming to Seward. Rather, the owners are going to live and create art or something in the East end of the building.
  • The owners of the soon-to-be "El Gaucho's" Argentinian restaurant pitched their new digs. They'll open at the end of the month across from that anti-christ, the Franklin Freeze. $10-12 a plate with nothing but Argentine beef and grilled cheeses. Franklin Ave, this side of Hiawatha, is the new Eat Street.
  • But, what of the burnt popcorn smell that "viciously assaults" the "quality of life" of Seward residents as Kathy-somebody put it? That, FYI, emanates from the flaky bitches down at Morningstar Coffee roasters. They might be organic, they might be full-service, but I'll be damned if they won't install an afterburner over their exhaust ducts to burn off all that excess oil from the beans. We're all sick of the acetaldehyde, formaldahyde, and acrolein floating into our hood from the wastelands west of Minnehaha. The Neighborhood Group is drafting an open letter to the owners, Ben and Jose, asking for a cessation of odors or else we'll sick the eco-lizards on them. Updates as they happen.

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