Friday, September 23, 2005

Is Dick Cheney...Bernie Lomax?

          • Forgive me for being so last-week, people, but the game's up. I'm dubious about Cheney's whole leg aneurism schtick. It strikes me as more than a little desperate when the Administration's only means of convincing the public that Dick Cheney is still alive, is to fake something called a "leg aneurism". Nice try, H. You can wag the dog on Iraq but you ain't fooling me about Sundance.
          • To wit, I'm not sure what the Times' Steven Holden was drinking when he reviewed Weekend at Bernie's but he was none too kind to Ted Kotcheff's "dark little farce". And by the way, Holden, what's recycled about using a dead guy as a prop?
          • Oh, it's 2:27 in the afternoon, crisp and bright outside, and I'm sitting on the couch in a blizzard of my own dandruff. This is the lowest of lows. Someone take my 1/4 serving of burnt, uneaten penne, brown salad, and ice water and get me the hell out of this cockroach infested apartment. Please, I can only take so much of Paula's Home Cooking and her ode to the "sweet patayta".


Anonymous said...

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Ilya said...

Though the Pieperian title fooled me for a moment, I guessed that 'dingo penned this post by the totally erroneous use of "to wit."

xtrachromosomeconservative said...

I believe the proper spelling is aneurysm.

Mandingo said...

Actually, Xtra, it can be spelled both ways. Flippin' nitpick.