Monday, September 12, 2005

Found! A Blog Less Influential Than the PeP

We ventured out of our German Cockroach infested headquarters, tripping over nascent egg sacs and molting adults (comatose on pubic hair and nut crumbs at the base of the bathroom toilet by the way) to search for a blog less influential and less coherent than our own. Not long did we search before finding Xtra servicing a guy named Ken behind a park bench in Powderhorn while simultaneously "blogging" about T-Bills and this thing called a Lockbox. Spend hours at the Three Curmudgeons Blog (we're still not sure who's the third midnight cowboy) and find out where Xtra really applies the secret sauce...Not in the ass-camel comments section!


xtrachromosomeconservative said...

To claim that my blog is less coherent than the PeP is actually doing it more justice than deserved, given that it barely exists as something other than a web address. Nonetheless, you posting was a phenomenal contribution to the blog.

Anonymous said...

ummmmmmmm.... gross?