Monday, September 12, 2005

Apropos of Nothing: Pt. 2

After an enthusiastic and supportive personal email sent to my inbox (as well as an East coast tongue lashing in the "comments" section--weird) Xtra asked that I tell another joke...this time in honor of the momentous battle at Marathon, whereby Athens defeated those Persian bastards in 490 BC.
Ready!? No? What's that you say...a drumroll? Fine. Ill, I mean Thriller, give me a taste of the good life. (drum roll)
Q: Who's the most popular guy at a nudist colony?
A (most obviously): The guy who can carry a dozen donuts and two cups of coffee.


Anonymous said...

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archduke f. f. said...

Seriously. Potheads might like it. Seriously.

PiedPiper said...

How fitting. An ad for potheads. After Mandi singlehandedly thrashed the PeP through the muck like some cheap New York blog. Shameful.