Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So I have this friend who is a triathlete...

...and she ran the Aquatennial triathlon in the merciless heat of this past Saturday. This friend, who I shall refer to as K-Dogg, finished first in her category in the biking leg of the race and didn't drown! Another loyal PePper, AP, captured some of K-Dogg's greatest moments from the race:

Here we see K-Dogg take the yellow jersey during the biking leg. It was tough going in the first few stages, but once the race hit the mountains she really turned on the jets.

Always fleet-of-foot, K-Dogg really pushed ahead on the running leg of the race. And with a smile on her face!

Using a rare strategy, K-Dogg actually doggy-paddled her way across the lake during the swimming portion. And, fellas, check out those triceps!

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Anonymous said...

Umm, three-pronged response to this:

A. The geniuses behind this blog must be out of this world, amazing, wonderful, etc...

B. This really hot but quite masculine woman doing the tri-athlon is really taking my breath away each minute I stare into these three really great pictures of her.

C. I have never seen a more spectacular debacle in my entire life. Congrats Kristen, it was a long but well worth it experience!!

Sincerely - A long lost friend from out east...PIEPER I LOVE YOU!!! AND Il the pill you have dropped off the face of my earth. What's up with that and what is with this blog site? Is this what all the kids are doing these days?

Tell Mary Pieper hello for me!