Tuesday, July 19, 2005

RESTAURANTS: 112 eatery

This post was not going to be written. What, I asked myself, could I say about the 112 eatery that hasn't already been heard through the grapevine? I first read about the restaurant in the City Pages; calling it "the best new restaurant to hit downtown Minneapolis in years," Dara Moskowitz outdoes herself in her orgiastic review. The cover of this month's Minnesota Monthly reads: "112: the most sought-after tables in town." At 112's website you can find more of the praise it has received. With such good press, who could be ignorant of this new restaurant?

Apparently, i.e., based on my conversations, the word isn't out. It's really a shame because I can corroborate the critics' judgment: Eat at the 112 eatery!

If you've ever dined at the 128 Cafe in St. Paul, then you may consider the 112 Minneapolis's answer. Both are chef-owned and both are relatively small restaurants in unassuming locations. Located in the Warehouse district, the 112's menu offers something delicious whether one orders from the right or left side of the minimalist menu. The nori encrusted sirloin with ponzu ($24) is the most expensive entree on the menu and is worth every penny. If you can't afford the steak, try the french cheese burger ($8) or bacon egg & harrisa sandwich. (The only thing to avoid is the french fries).

What makes the 112 an excellent restaurant has a lot to do with the food, of course, but the point of going to a nice restaurant is not merely to eat. Good restaurants are always the most romantic and intimate—they put people in touch with each other and with the joy of eating as an enchanting, natural ritual. A place to go to forget about the pains of life for a while and feel full. To feel such fullnesss, I heartily recommend the 112.

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Hemroid said...

Who cares about 112 or 128 when you can just go to McDonalds